I do not use a rating scale on my reviews simply because I just feel too fenced in when I must choose a rating.  However, here are some givens when it comes to Jillicious reviews:

Jillicious Reading only includes positive reviews. There is, of course, variety in a positive review (some books just have a few redeeming qualities while others are stay-up-all-night-to-finish-there-has-to-be-a sequel-this-book-changed-my-life! good). But, books must possess some literary merit and reader appeal to be included on the blog. Books that I trudged through, couldn't finish, or just didn't find engaging are not featured.

When reading, I look for books with strong characters that develop & grow, unique plots (or old plots tackled in new ways), and smart writing. When sharing my thoughts, I focus on the strengths of the book, what stands out about the selection, and why it's worth reading.

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